Recovery Homes

What are these homes

Sowers of Seeds Recovery House is a twelve bed home providing a stable, comfortable, and secure drug free environment for women to flourish throughout their journey of recovery and self-empowerment.  Our facility is Recovery Works certified in order to help women with felonies or re-entering from incarceration pay for their housing while getting back on their feet.        

Curriculum Content

Sowers of Seeds Recovery Home is a short term recovery program. Providing stable transitional housing for women involved in the criminal justice system. Providing an opportunity for women in recovery in a supportive peer environment.

  • Recovery Coaching 
  • Case management
  • Life Skills Building  
  • Relapse Prevention Planning
  • 3 AA/NA meetings a week
  • Sponsor within first thirty-days of stay
  • Daily house meetings     

Resident Responsibilities

Residents are responsible for providing their own food however staff is available to assist with food pantries and social services if needed.  

Residents are encouraged to spend time at the house with their children if possible. Our staff provides family fun activity days for the women to safely and securely interact with their kids. A garden project is scheduled for next spring in order to supply the house with fresh fruit and vegetables.  


The recovery home is equipped with a washer and dryer, security cameras both inside and a 360’ view of the outside. Our door entry is safe and secure with a keyless entry with codes only given to residents, and staff. The women are provided with a locked cabinet drawer kept in our downstairs entry way in order to safely store things such as jewelry, laptops, phones, over the counter medication etc. Medications that are prescribed by a physician are kept in a locked area and distributed by staff. Our residents are able to have their own vehicle present as long as they provide a valid driver’s license, car registration, and insurance. This home is intended to the last step to independent living.


New Castle.  See location tab for addresses.  

Serving women through a transitional home was a passionate vision for Maryann and is suported by Madison, Henry, Fayette, and Randolph County Courts and Judges. Women’s services, especially in transitional housing, is an under served population. Our agency is certified along with our staff through ICAADA, DMHA, and the ICADV