Batterer’s Intervention Program

Men’s and Women’s Nonviolence Classes

Participants will attend a 27-session state certified Batterers Intervention Program based on a modified Duluth Model Curriculum. The program will help the participants acknowledge their use of violence.

Curriculum Content

  • Definitions of Domestic Violence
  • Dynamics of Power and Control
  • Socialization, including gender, roles, and equality
  • Batterer’s responsibility for past and future abusive behavior
  • Relationship between substance abuse, mental illness, and acts of violence with a distinction that there is not a cause and effect relationship
  • Relapse prevention plan that provides alternatives to all forms of abuse
  • Challenging the beliefs that promote abusive behavior
  • Nonviolent alternatives    
  • Examine your belief systems and behaviors that support violence.
  • Expand definitions of violence and controlling behaviors.
  • Discuss the effects of violence on women, men, children, and yourself. 
  • Identify and practice non-violent alternatives.